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St. Joseph's Convent-Anglo Indian




Counselling is the need of the hour, for students to manage stress, deal with emotional problems, to seek help and advice from elders and face troubles with friends. When teachers feel that a child deserves counselling, she is guided to our experienced counsellor at school who personally interacts with her, understands the child’s situation, provides advice and helps in good decision making.


Our very own School Band is the pride of the School Sports Day. Students are trained to play various instruments under the able guidance of our music and band master.

Art and music are essential for life. Every week, students get a chance to attend art and singing classes which they enjoy thoroughly. Students attend special courses in art and music after school hours preparing themselves for Inter – School Competitions and Examinations. Both art and music can stimulate one’s innate artistic skills and kindle one’s talents and imagination.

CCTV Cameras help us keep track of remote entrances and exits, recording every individual’s entrance and exit from the School Campus. It also keeps track of the whereabouts of students allowing parents with a peace of mind that  their children are in a safe and secure environment. It helps in identifying and preventing the entrance of un-authorised persons and intruders. Cameras ensure discipline and punctuality in students.

SJC offers home-like care and comfort for our boarders mingled with concern, compassion and, of course, discipline through the caring and dedicated Sisters. The Sisters and Staff- in-charge show extreme concern towards every child entrusted in their care, catering to every need, especially in academics, health and all round development. Special coaching in studies is provided, if required. Students at SJC are trained to live self reliant lives with confidence.

Each day dawns to proclaim the Lord’s greatness. Our daily activities begin and end only after we have paid reverence to the almighty in our School Chapel. Our Sisters continuously pray for the welfare of the School, Staff and Students. Prayer is the life – sustaining rope that keeps us connected with God to follow His footsteps. At SJC., We also cater to the spiritual needs of the child providing Catechism  classes for the Catholic students and Moral Science for the Non Catholics.

Our school has two playgrounds – one for volleyball, basketball, badminton and lawn tennis, and a bigger one for athletics, football and handball. SJC is known for its records in various Sporting Events in the Inter – School, Zonal, District, Divisional, State, National and International level. Sports has the tendency to train each child physically and mentally, day by day, to evolve into successful champions, after crossing hurdles with perseverance and determination. It’s on the playground that one learns to fall and rise again, to stay focussed to the end, to work till one wins, to be grateful in victory and calm in defeat, to appreciate teamwork and that hard work pays and one’s efforts must be re-born, revised and revitalised daily.

In our school auditorium, every child gets an opportunity to showcase her talents through the various activities that take place throughout the year by making a humble beginning with a morning prayer and thought for the day or unleashing the budding artiste in her through her unique skills in public speaking, debating, declamation, quizzing, dancing, singing, drama, music etc. Our students are our prized possessions. At SJC, it is our prime duty to prepare each child to face the future world with confidence by allowing her to gradually discover her true identity first and then get geared to play her role well when the need arises both as performer and part of the audience of the wider world.

Our library is a store house of knowledge, situated in a prime position of the campus, easily accessible to both staff and students to cater to their reference and learning needs. Reading – a dying, yet essential skill in the present world is resurrecting in the hands of technology through the e-book and kindle versions. However, technology cannot entirely substitute the pleasure acquired through the silent reading atmosphere that any library can provide. Students read voraciously during their library hours satisfying their appetites from the banquet available ranging from classics, novels and short stories to newspapers, magazines- fortnight and monthly editions, etc. not forgetting the frequent use of the Reference Section that is used liberally. Care is taken to see that each child gets to do some useful reading daily in school during her free time from the class Library (our innovation), a readily available miniature store of fancy, thrill, knowledge and adventure. The hunt for knowledge thus begins and .…goes on…

The Science labs ie., Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs, with the latest equipments and modern apparatus set free the scientist in our students kindling their spirits and encouraging them to learn through experiment and research. Each lab is provided with ample working space and a store room. Special care is taken to see to the safety of the students in the labs. With the guidance of able and experienced teachers, we are sure our students will touch great heights in scientific excellence.

Equipped with the latest in teaching aids, we strive to stretch our student’ limits, enabling them to utilise technology and master the skill of using computers, saving time and labour for maximum and quick results. At SJC, it is our paramount duty to see that the child explores the world through the windows on her palm yet retains her originality and does not become a slave to machines.

Keeping in touch with technology, SJC provides a promotive learning experience, for the tech brains of the forthcoming generation. The teacher plays a new role of giving life, form and shape to the lessons and the students’ imaginations through audio visuals and still knows how to stir the mind for better and progressive inventions that are yet to be born in those innocent, innovative and fresh minds. The teaching and learning experience sees another new asset on its way, but the desire to experiment and the passion to accumulate knowledge is still kept alive. Sometimes our students love to learn in an outdoor atmosphere beside gardens, under our gigantic jacaranda tree or high on the stadium encompassed by calm, inspiring blue hills and tea estates on one side and towering buildings, lanes and traffic buzzing with activity on the other side. Knowledge grows firmly and confidently in such a conducive environment.